LA’SWILL shares his experience with SARS

Nowadays we all know the embarrassment and disgrace youths, teenagers and even Adults get embarrassed by SARS.

On a very good day Swill shares his experience with us onΒ  how he pulled up nice looking clean and was headed to the Mainland and got stopped on the way, fine there is nothing bad in stopping cars to check and ask for your drivers license and all but like this “SARS” do not even ask for all that all they care about is why is a young boy looking good?

Listen to Swill Mezebu here

They never want to see good things with their eyes or see someone progress I guess, cause due to how they treated me and they still treat youths/ teenagers is really not cool, I won’t expantiate much on it but all I’m trying to say is they checked my phone, checked my pockets, which is very wrong and they saw nothing on me! For real where I’m driving at is “END SARS! END SARS!

There are so many fake people out there claiming they are SARS and they keep robbing people at night, this can’t happen in any other part of the world to be embarrassed as a citizen! If I were to be a white guy I’m πŸ’―% sure no body will stop me for looking nice and they start harassing you! It’s really bad to be honest! Well! “THIS IS NIGERIA πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ #END SARS”

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Assistant Senior Editor @ The Penocrat

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