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I’ma keep it genuine with you all: I’m somewhat baffled with the music Nav has been discharging recently. On his presentation collection, “Nav,” I heard this one of a kind sound from him that helped me a slight bit to remember an auto-tuned up Kid Cudi. Shockingly, most things Nav has discharged from that point forward basically don’t fit that sound. Try not to misunderstand me, I cherish “A$AP Ferg” and “Held Me Down” off of “Idealize Timing,” yet I feel like he exceeds expectations the most when he remains consistent with himself as he did on tunes like (Ironically) “Myself.” I’m interested to check whether he returns to that adaptation of himself on this collection, or figures out how to influence me to appreciate this fresh out of the plastic new form of himself somewhat more.



Nav has obviously been in the amusement for a couple of years, so as I would like to think, he is never again qualified for any new kid on the block of the year grants.

On the genuine, I most likely like the presumptuousness Nav appears on this melody more than its real musicality. Rectify, he jabbers of s**t all through this collection, be that as it may, in this specific melody, I hear this direness from the Canadian craftsman to substantiate himself, as he demonstrates some genuine animosity in his verses, conveying hits to his naysayers and associates.


Travis Scott has Kylie on his hip, so implies that n***a is the meaning of a champion.

Isn’t Travis Scott the best at boosting any track up with his quality? I feel like at whatever point he’s included on a tune, there is this additional level of vitality appended to it that is difficult to disregard. In “Champion,” he puts these abilities under a magnifying glass, for all intents and purposes conveying a battling Nav to the end goal with this dangerous commitment that is revolved around flossing and finessing on his groupies.

Nav’s part calls out kilter on this melody. I don’t know whether the auto-tune machine in the studio had this season’s cold virus that day, however he seems like he has a pack of needles in his mouth all through. I never need to hear this verse from him again.


“Never Change” has Nav engaging his evil spirits head on, which I accept is one reason I figure his actual fans will like it.

Much like 99% of the hip bounce craftsmen out today, Nav is dependent on the cash and the distinction that accompanies being a rap star. Not at all like every other person, Nav truly sounds worried about it on this melody. Regardless of whether it’s the desensitizing vocals he utilized on both the snare and his verses, or the plain meticulous clarifications on why he’s having issues with his new life, everything about this tune sounds bona fide; and for a craftsman like Nav, legitimacy is everything.

2. Confidence

You believe it’s astute to have confidence in a self-announced medication fiend that is doing combating sorrow?

I figure “Confidence” should be an affection tune, since it has Quavo and Nav attempting their hardest to drop a couple of wistful verses on their verses. Try not to misunderstand me, they aren’t heaving some Shakesperian ass s**t on the record, they just demonstrate a slight level of think about their ladies that you wouldn’t typically get notification from a rap craftsman today.

I couldn’t care less what anyone says, Quavo has genius ability! The way he takes charge of a beat as he does on this tune, getting the audience members consideration with irresistible fitting and engaging bars is unmatched. I believe it’s about time he discharges a performance exertion.

1. Needed YOU

Lil Uzi Vert sounds like a confirmed molester on the introduction to this melody.

Nav and Uzi have a couple of joint efforts added to their repertoire, and on them, I feel like they demonstrate some entirely better than average science. On “Needed You” — a melody that sounds fundamentally the same as their past coordinated effort called “A$AP Ferg,” the two specialists attempt to out tricky each other, exhibiting their case on why all the pined for females of the world ought to take after their waves. I most likely like Nav’s part more than I like Uzis, as he rides the beat with this melodic approach that fits the tone of the tune exceptionally well. With respect to Uzi, I feel like he completes excessive on his part, indicating an abundant excess liveliness over the chill ass beat.

On the off chance that each of the three of us are seeking after a similar young lady, I extremely like my odds.


1. Neglectful (3.6/5)

2. NEVER CHANGE (4.5/5)

3. HOLD YOUR HAND (3.7/5)

4. Confidence (4/5)

5. CHAMPION (3.9/5)

6. Gleam UP (3.7/5)

7. Simply HAPPENED (4/5)

8. Needed YOU (4.5/5)

9. WITH ME (3.7/5)

10. EAT (3.7/5)

11. Rookie LIST (4/5)

12. WHAT I NEED (3.8/5)

General RATING


Before I begin this determination, let me ask a speedy inquiry: Who sold Nav this modest ass auto-tune machine?

Nav truly battled on this collection both musically and personality shrewd. Revise, he examines some quite profound subjects, for example, medicate habit and discovering love all through it, yet for reasons unknown, a large number of his words seemed to be clear, to me. Matter of truth, I’ll go considerably further: When I tune in to his music nowadays, I hear a buddy that is stalling in a class he basically wouldn’t like to be in.

You know what my most concerning issue with Nav is the point at which he raps? He falls back on the same f**kin’ lines when he comes up short on s**t to state. Remedy, I know Nav has a few b*tches on his finance, is one of only a handful couple of dark colored young men that our poppin’ in the diversion and has a considerable measure of cash, yet the more he endeavors to connect these subjects to places that don’t fit in his music, the more it sounds constrained and less convincing this is his genuine life.

I get this inclination that every one of the highlights on this collection attempted their hardest to persuade Nav to go harder. Since he normally sounds as dull as a route framework, these partners volunteered add an increase in vitality to any tune they were guesting on. Does this divert from the science? Most likely. Be that as it may, the exchange off is some truly necessary vitality to an extremely commonplace collection.

No compelling reason to plunge profound about the generation on this collection, the vast majority of the beats sound the same.

Possibly I’m judging Nav a bit too brutally here, however as a maker, I feel like he should know better to drop such a dreary exertion like “Foolhardy.” Don’t misunderstand me, I give him significant props for all intents and purposes assembling all that you got notification starting from the earliest stage, yet frfr, he needs to come harder than this on the off chance that he needs to toward the end in this diversion. Basically, this collection was extremely exhausting.

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